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MAMOI® baby cradle spring with safety rope spring cradle 0.5-6 kg | SAFETY ROPE UP TO 30kg!

MAMOI® baby cradle spring with safety rope spring cradle 0.5-6 kg | SAFETY ROPE UP TO 30kg!

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The GoodHook Spring is a product designed to make it easier for babies to fall asleep. Here is some important information about this spring and its intended use:

1. Construction and Functionality: The GoodHook spring is designed to respond to baby's every movement, creating a gentle, soothing rocking motion. This movement is intended to help calm the baby while falling asleep.

2. Maximum strength and load: The maximum strength of the spring is 6kg. However, it is important to note that this weight includes the weight of the baby and any suspension elements, such as a hammock, swing or baby sling. The maximum strength of the spring has been carefully calibrated to ensure optimal movement, suitable for babies of an average age of 18 months.

3. Recommended load: The GoodHook baby cradle spring set works best with a load of 0.5 to 6 kg. This area offers the best results for calming movement.

4. Scope of delivery: The spring set contains a specially developed spiral spring with a length of 150 mm and a wire diameter of 1.5 mm. It also includes two steel snap hooks with a length of 60mm and a diameter of 6mm. In addition, a safety rope (polyester) with a diameter of 3 mm and a maximum strength of 30 kg is included in the set.

5. Safety and quality: All GoodHook products are manufactured in the EU and undergo thorough strength and safety tests. This ensures that the spring meets the highest safety standards.

The GoodHook Spring is a useful accessory to help babies fall asleep and is designed with safety and functionality in mind. Please ensure you follow the usage and loading instructions carefully to ensure your baby's safety.
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