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MAMOI® baby cradle spring with safety rope spring cradle 6-16 kg | SAFETY ROPE UP TO 30kg!

MAMOI® baby cradle spring with safety rope spring cradle 6-16 kg | SAFETY ROPE UP TO 30kg!

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The GoodHook spring set for the baby cradle is a specially developed product that aims to make it easier for the baby to fall asleep and to provide a gentle rocking for the child. Here is some important information about this product:

1. Maximum Load: The GoodHook spring is designed to carry a maximum load of 16kg. However, it is important to take into account that the weight of the suspension elements such as hammock, swing, baby sling, etc. must be included in this calculation. The maximum strength of the spring has been determined to ensure optimal, soothing movement for an average 18 month old baby.

2. Ideal Weight Range: The spring is best suited for babies weighing between 6 and 16 kg. This area provides the best rocking motion and sleep support.

3. Set composition: The GoodHook baby cradle spring set contains a specially developed spiral spring with a length of 180 mm and a wire diameter of 2.2 mm. There are also two steel snap hooks included that are 80mm long and 8mm in diameter. In addition, there is a safety rope (polyester) with a diameter of 3 mm and a maximum strength of 30 kg.

4. Stretching and expansion: Before stretching, the set measures 18 cm, and after maximum expansion, which is limited by a rope, it measures 40 cm. These dimensions are important to ensure the safety and functionality of the spring.

5. Intended use: The GoodHook baby set allows for safe and optimal attachment of baby hanging chairs, hanging cocoons, swings, hanging bags, baby hammocks and baby cradles. The development and manufacture of this product is subject to thorough strength and safety testing.

The GoodHook Spring is a useful accessory for parents looking for a gentle way to put their babies to sleep. It offers safe and soothing movement that can give the baby a feeling of security.
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