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MAMOI® balance board for children with mat

MAMOI® balance board for children with mat

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The MAMOI Balance Board is not only an entertaining toy, but also a functional tool to promote motor development and a sense of balance in children. Here is some important information about this balance board:

1. Recommended age: The balance board is suitable for children aged 6 months and over and can be used by both toddlers and older children.

2. Load capacity: The board has an impressive load capacity and can hold up to 100kg, making it suitable for children and adults alike.

3. High-quality materials: The balance board is made of strong 18mm plywood and features a natural pine finish. The bottom is reinforced with pink felt, which not only protects the board but also adds an aesthetic touch.

4. Scandinavian Design: The balance board is designed in Scandinavian style, giving it a modern and contemporary look. It fits well in any child's room and can also be used in other rooms of the house.

5. Versatile use: Children can lie, sit or stand on the board while developing their sense of balance. It's a versatile toy that offers hours of fun.

6. Easy Care: The balance board can be easily cleaned with a slightly damp cloth, making care and maintenance easy.

This balance board is not only a great toy for children, but also a useful tool for developing their motor skills and sense of balance. It is an ideal gift idea and can be used in different rooms of the house.
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