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MAMOI® wall bars with gymnastics rings and pull-up bar for children's rooms

MAMOI® wall bars with gymnastics rings and pull-up bar for children's rooms

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The indoor climbing frame for children aged 3 and over from MAMOI is a versatile and entertaining toy that promotes children's motor skills and muscle strength. It is made of high quality materials and meets strict safety requirements. Here are some of the key features and components of this product:

1. **Wall bars**: The wall bars are made of ecological plywood with beech wood bars. It is stable and safe for children to climb. The edges are decorative.

2. **Gymnastics Rings**: These rings made of plywood are hung on a white sailor rope and can be attached to the wall bars. They offer additional exercise opportunities for children.

3. **Rope ladder**: The rope ladder is made of untreated pine poles and a rope. It is easy to attach and expands the activities children can do on the wall bars.

4. **Assembly and Safety**: The product meets the strict safety requirements of EN and CE standards. It can hold up to 50 kg and is suitable for children aged 36 months and over. Installation requires self-assembly, and it is important to ensure that the wall bars are installed stably and securely.

5. **Additional accessories**: The climbing frame can be combined with other accessories from the MAMOI range to expand the play options.

This product offers a great way for children to develop their motor skills while having fun. It should be mounted indoors and stored in a safe place to ensure longevity. It can be a valuable addition to a child's room or playroom.
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