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MAMOI® climbing wall for children's rooms

MAMOI® climbing wall for children's rooms

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The MAMOI indoor climbing wall version without climbing holds is also a great toy to promote children's psychomotor development. Here is some important information about this product variant:

- **Material and Safety**: This climbing frame for kids is made of high quality certified plywood, which ensures safety and durability. The careful CNC machining and grinding of the elements ensure a smooth and safe surface.

- **Modular design**: The set contains 4 climbing plates made of natural plywood. The edges of the modules have a decorative wave-shaped cutout, which allows the elements to be adjusted according to the needs of the child and to expand the climbing frame.

- **Climbing holds**: This version of the product does not contain climbing holds. This allows you to complement the climbing wall with climbing holds, which you can purchase separately, according to your own preferences and your child's abilities. This provides flexibility in the type and difficulty of climbing exercises.

- **Safety Considerations**: Please ensure the climbing wall is mounted securely and stably and supervise your child while playing. You can also add a mat to make playing safer and prevent injuries.

This product variant offers children the opportunity to develop their dexterity and muscle strength and allows you to customize the climbing wall according to your child's individual needs and abilities. Follow safety guidelines when assembling and using and enjoy your child's active play.
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