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MAMOI® climbing wall with handles

MAMOI® climbing wall with handles

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This product from MAMOI is a versatile indoor climbing frame that supports children's psychomotor development. Here is some important information about this product:

1. Material: The modules of the indoor climbing wall are made of environmentally friendly Yarnwood and are carefully CNC cut and sanded. The climbing holds for children are made of fiberglass-reinforced concrete, which gives them a secure hold when climbing.

2. Safety: All materials are high quality and certified to ensure safety when playing.

3. Self-assembly: The climbing frame is designed for self-assembly and contains all the necessary elements in the set.

4. Adaptability: The modules have wavy cutouts on the edges that allow the elements to be freely adjusted and positioned.

5. Contents of the set: The set contains a climbing wall plate made of Yarnwood in white and two MAMOI climbing wall handles in pastel colors.

6. Versatility: This product promotes children's dexterity and muscle strength development and allows them to be active in a fun way.

The MAMOI climbing wall is a great addition to children's rooms, providing a fun way for children to develop their motor skills while playing safely.

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