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MAMOI® climbing wall XL with handles for children's rooms

MAMOI® climbing wall XL with handles for children's rooms

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The MAMOI climbing wall set offers a great way for children to promote their psychomotor development and have fun while climbing. Here is some important information about this product:

1. Material: The climbing wall modules are made of environmentally friendly Yarnwood, while the climbing stones are made of high-quality glass fiber reinforced concrete. These materials ensure safety and durability while playing.

2. Self-assembly: The set contains 4 climbing plates made of white yarnwood with wavy cutouts on the edges for individual adjustment. Assembly is carried out by self-assembly using the elements included in the set.

3. Climbing holds: The set contains 8 MAMOI climbing wall holds in pastel colors (blue, green, orange and beige), which provide additional fun and challenge when climbing.

4. Attachment: The climbing holds are attached to the climbing plates with metal screws and sleeves (included). The openings in the climbing wall allow the handles to be arranged individually and the position to be changed easily.

5. Usage: This climbing wall set can be used indoors, providing a safe and fun way for children to develop their motor skills.

6. Age group: The product is suitable for children over 36 months.

MAMOI's climbing wall promotes children's physical activity and dexterity while providing a safe environment. The included climbing holds in pastel colors make the climbing experience even more entertaining. This product can be used indoors and allows children to play actively and develop their motor skills.

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