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MAMOI® swing rope 50kg | 2 x swing rope extension adjustable 85 - 140 cm

MAMOI® swing rope 50kg | 2 x swing rope extension adjustable 85 - 140 cm

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The children's swing attachment from MAMOI offers a safe and practical way to attach swings and other hanging play equipment indoors. Here is some important information about this product:

1. Secure and adjustable suspension: This attachment is used to hang seats in rooms of different heights. It consists of durable sailing ropes that are adjustable from 85 cm to 140 cm. This adjustability allows you to adjust the swing or other hanging equipment to the desired height.

2. High load capacity: Each rope can hold up to 50kg, which is enough for most hanging playground equipment. This ensures the safety and stability of the suspension.

3. Robust metal parts: The fastening elements such as tires, carabiner and lock are made of metal and are very robust. Compared to plastic parts, they are less prone to breakage or deformation.

4. Minimalist Design: The natural and minimalist design of the ropes blends well with any child's room and with any decor and color palette. The suspension is not noticeable and fits discreetly into the room.

5. Versatile Use: This attachment can be used not only for swings, but also for hammocks, baby swings, trapeze swings, baby seats or nest swings. It is versatile and a practical addition to any play area.

The children's swing attachment from MAMOI offers an easy way to safely install hanging play equipment indoors. It meets high quality standards and is a great addition to any child's room or play area.
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