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MAMOI® soft building blocks baby | Foam building blocks play building blocks

MAMOI® soft building blocks baby | Foam building blocks play building blocks

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MAMOI foam puzzles are versatile and fun toys that children can use in different ways. Here is some important information about this product:

1. Creative play: The foam building blocks can be arranged in different ways, stimulating children's creativity. You can use the resulting constructions for various game scenarios.

2. Exercise and activity: The building blocks can also be assembled into an obstacle course to provide children with exercise and fun at home. This promotes children's physical activity and motor skills.

3. Ready to use: The set contains 2 elements, one triangular and one L-shaped. The building blocks are ready for use immediately after unpacking, without complicated assembly.

4. Pastel colors and materials: The foam building blocks are designed in beautiful pastel colors that fit into any child's room. The covers are made of cotton while the filling is made of foam.

5. Stability and ease of care: The building blocks are stable and do not deform. The covers are easy to remove and clean, which makes maintaining this product convenient.

6. Dimensions: The triangle measures 45cm x 45cm x 28cm, while the L-shaped steps measure 45cm x 45cm x 28cm.

7. Materials: The main material of the covers is cotton, and the filling is foam.

These foam puzzles not only provide hours of fun, but also promote children's physical and creative development. They are a great addition to any child's room.
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