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MAMOI® trapeze swing, wooden gymnastics rings

MAMOI® trapeze swing, wooden gymnastics rings

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This product is not compatible with MAMOI climbing products! Compatible products only available in MAMOI sets!

It is a product from MAMOI, a brand of children's climbing products. The MAMOI trapeze bar for children's gymnastics rings offers the advantage of a crossbar that prevents the handles from overstretching and thus reduces the risk of shoulder injuries in children. To complement the wooden gymnastics rings, it is recommended to use either a GHOOK hook set to attach the swing or a GHOOK harness with bark protection to hang the swing from a tree. The dimensions of the MAMOI gymnastics rings for children are as follows:

- Pole length: 50 cm
- Rod diameter: 2.8 cm
- Handle: 2cm x 14cm

The adjustable ropes allow the product to be adjusted to a height of 140 to 220 cm, allowing it to be used both indoors and outdoors. These products are also known as "Montessori" and are used to promote children's motor skills and physical activity.

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